I'm so glad you are here! My name is Stacey, I'm based out of Davidsville, PA, but love new places, so feel free to contact me no matter where you may be.
I hope you have fun looking around and seeing some of my recent work. I'd love to meet you, so send me an email using the contact link.
A bit about me: I'm a romantic at heart and I consider it a blessing to be the one to capture when two peoples' lives become one and I believe that I have a creative passion because I am made in the image of a creative God. It is because of Him that I have a mind for beauty, to see it in everything and everyone. My life would be without hope without His son, Jesus. I desire to make the most beautiful images I can, because I believe that through the arts, God allows us to taste the flawless and extraordinary beauty which He will one day restore.

For some silliness: I’m a much better photographer than writer so prepare yourself for my mistakes. Actually, I think I’m an even better comedienne than photographer. The reason I say this is because I like making people smile and look happy. Which comes in handy as a photographer. Getting your subject to look as natural as possible can be difficult if you don’t get them to loosen up and show their natural side:-)

My motto: I'd rather be completely ridiculous than completely boring.

I work with lots of different talented photographers. My current is George. He's my second in command at weddings. He's ALMOST as silly as me. I love love love his photographic story telling. You almost feel a part of the photo, like you were there experiencing the moments like we were. George operates his own business www.livephoto.com and he specializes in sports photography, which I think why that makes him such a good wedding photographer, you always have to be ready for the action:-)

They say a photograph says a lot about the person in it, but I also think it says a lot about the artist as well. I had another photographer say our work is bright and happy and I believe, my friend, that's all I need to say.
I must say mine is the most epic face ever!So epic it needs to be recreated!Booth photo. George is the creeper on the side:-)Hottest day I can recall, we gave the excuse to do a bouquet shot so we could get in the water.George also being a creeper:-)New props!Yay bubble lights!It's difficult to hide in a small room with a large mirror and three photographers.I'd give her a hah! And a hiya and a wooha!Soaked to the bone at a wedding, who'd ever thought you'd be freezing in June.Steph and I at a rehearsal, we really do try to behave ourselves!Christy, Troy, and I, I'm not sure what's going down here.Myself and Jess from Jessica Vogelsang Photography, waiting for bride and groom to show up.In Christy's words, "If I didn't know myself I'd think I was crazy"We love all animals!Test shots are my favorite.We encourage silliness by being silly!A good calf shot is priceless!I fall down in strange places, who am I kidding I fall down everywhere!